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Visit of the Parc des Clères in Rouen

Discover the ideal activity to do with your family in Rouen, Normandy

Rouen is a city full of unusual activities to do during a weekend or a stay in Normandy.

Our team invites you today to discover an unusual and authentic experience and activity, to be enjoyed with your family, friends or partner, to leave with many unforgettable memories: the visit of the Parc des Clères.

An authentic and original experience

With the Parc de Clères, enjoy a pleasant experience, as exotic as original. Discover animals through educational activities and cultural animations.

Much appreciated for its entertaining side, the Parc de Clères is nevertheless much more than a simple place of entertainment. Indeed, the park is above all a place of education and conservation of the fauna and flora.

The different contents of the proposed programs are also intended to inform the visitors of the role of the animal parks and their importance in the preservation of the biodiversity.

Children will be able to understand, through different activities, how the role of parks and zoos is to ensure the protection of endangered species, by offering them a safe living environment adapted to their needs.

Discover animals in the wild

The Parc animalier de Clères welcomes visitors in a remarkable environment, on 13 hectares: you will discover throughout your visit 1000 animals in semi-liberty among the 1400 animals that the park has.

The animal park of Clères is mainly occupied by species from the ornithology, even if it shelters nevertheless some species of primates and small mammals as antelopes, red pandas and wallabies.

The program includes the discovery of different species: ducks, kangaroos, pink flamingos but also lemurs... Some of the bird species are extremely rare, such as the Martin de Rothschild.

The botanical garden and the castle

Continue the visit with the discovery of the botanical garden and the castle, a sublime setting to continue your visit as it should be...

Located in the heart of a beautifully wooded estate, with its castle and botanical gardens overlooking it, these unique and preserved places represent part of the Norman heritage.

The gardens facing the castle are also very pleasant. Count 2 hours for the visit. Note that the castle is not open to the public.

Preparing your visit

To prepare your visit to the Parc de Clères, our team invites you to visit the official website of the Parc de Clères in Rouen.

Organize your stay in Rouen

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