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Escape Game favorites in Rouen

Looking for an Escape Game to do with family or friends in Rouen?

To have fun together during a weekend or during the vacations, we love Escape Games! These rooms filled with enigmas are very popular with the people of Rouen and will delight you during your stay!

Reflection, cooperation and 1 hour on the clock, that's the key that will allow you to solve a lot of riddles and find the exit.

The team of the Rouen Sud Oissel Hotel presents you today its favorite Escape Games to do in Rouen.

The Get Out Rouen escape game

15 rue Jacques Lelieur, 76000 Rouen

Live an incredible experience with original and immersive settings. Discover this escape game with interactive, exciting and suspenseful enigmas! After entering the doors of this Rouen escape game, you will meet the Gretenfields family... then, an adventure full of unexpected and thrills awaits you!

Escape Game investigations


If you decide to opt for Merlin's investigation, you will go to meet an enchanted enigma. The goal is to prolong the spell in the enchanter's cabin so that the dragon Kilgharrah does not wake up. From 2 to 6 people and in 60 minutes, try to solve the riddles and avoid the destruction of the kingdom.

Panic Room

Dive into the heart of the United States as agents of the Bureau and solve the mystery to prevent the murder of John Fitzgerald Kennedy! Inside the White House Panic Room, your goal is to locate the shooter and change the course of history.

The Cunningham Case

With the Cunnigham case, immersion in 1999. Your mission will be to investigate the series of murders that have been taking place in London for several months. An investigation filled with suspense and fear, you will have only 60 minutes to unmask John the Butcher!

The Tesla Workshop

Electric atmosphere in the investigation The Tesla Workshop. You will be plunged into the past, in 1925, in New York City to infiltrate the Tesla workshop, as spies and under the orders of Thomas Edison. Your goal will be to steal the secret plans of the founder Tesla by working with your team.

To find out more about the world of Escape Game Get Out in Rouen, please visit their website.

The Team Break Rouen escape game

32 place Saint-Marc, 76000 Rouen

With the Team Break escape game in Rouen, you can choose between many puzzles, so it's the escape game that will please most people!

Our favorite investigations

Prison Break

The Prison Break investigation immerses you in the terrifying surroundings of one of the most secure prisons in the world. The goal of the mission: to escape before the next round of guards!

Fort Boyard

You are the guards of the famous treasure of Fort Boyard and your mission is to keep it safe! Summoned by Father Fouras, you will have to overcome several challenges and find many key clues to complete your mission.

Haunted Room

This investigation is ideal for all paranormal lovers! This is a thrilling mission that will invite you to discover the truth about the local hotel that is allegedly haunted. Whether it's a trick or a curse, it's up to you to discover the mystery...

If you want to know more about the world of Team Break Escape Game in Rouen, please visit their website.
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