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Discovering the picturesque village of La Bouille

A charming getaway during your stay in Rouen

Discover the charming village of La Bouille, located in the department of Seine-Maritime in Normandy and more precisely on the Seine.

If you want to organize a stay or a weekend in Rouen, our hotel The Originals Access Rouen Sud Oissel offers rooms for 1 to 3 people to visit the region in peace.

Conveniently, the village of La Bouille is located near our hotel, about 20 minutes by car to get there.

An inspiring village for painters

The village of La Bouille is a wonderful representation of the land of Impressionism. It is located in a pleasant, restful and peaceful setting, surrounded by tree-covered hills. Its location on the banks of the Seine gives it all its charm but also provides great inspiration to the painters of the time... Paul Gaugain, William Turner or Alfred Sislay have painted the village of La Bouille.

What to see in La Bouille ?

During your trip to visit the village of La Bouille, you will see the remains of the medieval past of the city. You will also find beautiful houses from the 18th century, the church of Sainte-Madeleine which dates from the 15th century and dominates the city.

You will also discover La Maison-Brûlée as well as two castles of the 19th century but also water mills that you can admire along the river. The village of La Bouille also invites you to discover its memorial, in the surprising shape of a part of a ruined castle tower.

To continue your visit while admiring the landscape, the ferry will allow you to cross the Seine to reach the other side of the bank... You will be able to finish your walk all along the river and will take advantage of it to make a greedy and resting pause around a coffee.

Activities in La Bouille or nearby

If you want to do some shopping, you will find stores on the riverside on the "Hector Malot" quay. To make your getaway last, we invite you to visit nearby villages such as Jumieges.
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